Keynote at DGWF 2019 - German Association of Continuing Education

08/20/2019 14:57

Meet me in Ulm, Germany!

DGWF-Jahrestagung 2019

from 18.09.2019–20.09.2019, in Ulm

THE DIGITAL TURN: Mediales Lernen in der wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung

Furhter information 

My keynote speech will introduce the concept of "Learning with technologies versus Learning from technologies" . I show how I use the Digital Didactical Design framework (DDD) as a method for designing online learning (Fort- und Weiterbildung).

Slides to download

Meine PPT folien sind hier einsehbar:


Prof. Dr. Isa Jahnke University of Missouri
School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (SISLT, iSchool)
Associate Professor &
Director of the IELab