03/13/2019 09:30
Learner and User Experience: An Introduction for the Field of Learning Design & Technology,   Learner and User Experience: An Introduction for the Field of Learning Design &...
02/21/2019 17:46
Meet me in Sweden in May. I am thrilled to give a keynote presentation in Uppsala, May 16-17, 2019. The conference focuses on International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning (IPT&L): From Theory to Practice. From Discussion to Cooperation. Uppsala University, Sweden. More information to...
11/15/2018 11:00
Our IE lab conducted a full day workshop about "User Experience and Usability Testing Within the Sociotechnical Process — Methods, Challenges and Pitfalls for Instructional Designers" We provided hands-on material and case studies. The workshop took place at the AECT conference in Kansas City, on...
10/31/2018 10:53
In October 2018, our IE Lab won the award for “Exceptional Visual Representation of Research” at the University of Missouri, College of Education’s annual Research Day. COE Research Day allows faculty, staff, and students within the College of Education to demonstrate their work. Participants set...
09/20/2018 19:29
"COLUMBIA, Mo. –Your squad, or social group, can have a huge impact on how you view the world. Now, new research shows that the people you hang out or work with might also impact how well you can identify fact from fiction." The MU News Bureau shares the results of our study! Further...
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Prof. Dr. Isa Jahnke University of Missouri
School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (SISLT, iSchool)
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Director of the IELab