10/24/2017 20:24
"Mobile Learning and Creativity?" that was the research question and Julia Liebscher successfully defended her PhD thesis at FernUniversiy Hagen in Germany. Professor Dr. Claudia de Witt, Professor Dr. Frank Hillebrandt, Dr. Susanne Winnerling and myself were the committee members of Julia's...
10/19/2017 14:59
Gerhard Fischer (Univ of Colorado, USA), Thomas Herrmann (Univ of Bochum, Germany) and Volker Wulf  (Univ of Siegen, Germany) invited researchers to discuss Grand Challenges of the digital age:  Approx. 45 people met in...
07/05/2017 10:48
"There is an increasing demand to develop innovations in eldercare technologies that can be delivered as 'Apps' at a cloud-scale to facilitate proactive monitoring and targeted care coordination. This article presents the design for an 'ElderCare-as-a-SmartService' (ECaaS) system that...
06/07/2017 19:53
The Information Experience Lab (IE Lab) Work with us! We offer services to test your technology, user interface and human-computer interactions. Is your system user friendly, is your target audience exciting to use it? Is the system or product usable and useful?  We can help with identifying...
05/30/2017 11:01
...and hurray again! Our research shows challenges of 1:1 tablet classroom in Sweden, shifting the power to students. Open Access Peter Bergström, Eva Mårell-Olsson, & Isa Jahnke (accepted 19 April 2017). Variations of Symbolic Power and Control in the One-to-One Computing Classroom: Swedish...
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